A list of past Hurts Donut Run events. If you're ready to register for this years run, go ahead and hit up the current events page or click the appropriate event below to read more.

Katy, TX- 5/18/19

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Missed It!

Tempe, AZ - 12/14/19

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Event Done!

Fort Worth, TX - 12/7/19

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It's Over!

‚ÄčLincoln, NE - 10/19/19

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:( Done!

Colorado Springs, CO - 10/12/2019

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Run, Done!

Iowa City/Coralville, IA - 10/5/19

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Little Rock, AR - 9/14/19

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Event Over!

Tulsa, OK - 9/20/19

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Oklahoma City, OK - 8/10/19

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Middleton, WI - 8/17/19

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Too Late!

Quad Cities, IA - 7/13/19

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Event Passed!

Wichita, KS - 6/22/19

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It's Done!

Springfield, MO - 5/4/19

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Old Event!

Des Moines, IA - 5/4/19

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It's Wrapped!

Kansas City, MO - 4/20/19

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